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Classroom Wishlist

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Classroom Wishlist is a monthly Idaho Lottery Do Good program that allows teachers to submit their classroom wishes to be fulfilled. With the help of our players, the Idaho Lottery funds up to $10,000 in classroom needs every month!


Storage Solution for Tristin Taylor

This wishlist will provide wire racking, shelving and hangers to support a Donated area for students. “With your donation, we will be able to store donated food/toiletries/clothing on these shelves creating a food pantry for our financially insecure students in the Basin School district. This will help our students to better focus on learning vs their empty, aching stomachs or a wet clothes. With 41% poverty rate in our school district- this better storage system for food/ clothing will make it easier for us to distribute needed food/toiletries to our needing families. It is the GREATEST feeling to see a child’s face light up as they are given newer shoes in replace of their torn, holey shoes and they are able to get back to learning instead of worrying about their soaking feet. Or to give them a sack of food so they don’t need to despair about how they are going to eat over the weekend while school is out.”

Sensory Items for Echo Davis

This wishlist will provide sensory items, STEM toys, playground equipment, games, puzzles, and books. Teacher Echo Davis says “The sensory items will help with the special needs within pre-k. They will provide sensory opportunities to help regulate emotions and the students learning process. Basin preschool is tuition free and one of the longest running and most successful preschools in Idaho. That being said, the equipment needs to be replaced, books, puzzles and new toys are also desperately needed. We serve ages 3-5, about half our class this year qualifies for special education. Our goal is to provide the most meaningful experiences through play and exploration to create a foundation for lifelong learners.”

Construction Material for Mindi Gra

This wishlist will give Fencing panels, posts, cement bags, and screws to help with construction of an enclosed outdoor play area. Teacher Mindi Gra says, “I have students of differing ages and ability levels in academic, social interaction, communication, and fine and gross motor skills. Our school needs a playground that our special needs students can use that fits their unique needs for safe, outdoor play. My extended resource room students deserve a place to play outside where they have playground equipment that fits their physical skills. An outdoor, enclosed play area will help our students stay where they can be safe during outside play. It is vital that our students get some time to be outside in a safe environment for their physical and mental well being. An enclosed playground will help our students use their gross motor skills, communication skills, and peer interaction skills.”


Want to help Do GOOD? As a VIP Club member you can donate your points toward Classroom Wishlist projects in the Do Good section of the VIP Club Rewards. We can’t grant these projects without the help of our generous players. They make GOOD happen every day!


Is there something that your classroom needs? Materials, experiences, supplies that would help make your classroom more successful?

Read the guidelines below BEFORE you submit your wish!

  • Must be 18 years or older to submit a classroom Wishlist.
  • All Wishlists must benefit an Idaho public school.
  • A typical funded project is around $2,000 , however, we can consider up to $10,000 in total.
  • All information, including ordering links, must be included for a Wishlist to be considered!
  • Educators may submit an unlimited number of times but can only be awarded twice in a fiscal year.
  • Wishlists are evaluated on the following criteria: Impact, Urgency and Quality of Submission.
  • Wishlists are pulled the first of each month. If you don’t get selected, don’t give up, re-submit.