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Funded Projects

Date: January 2024

School: Frontier Elementary

Wish Delivered: Book Repair Machine

Librarian Carolyn Knam says “In an aging library and with little money to replace books, repairing books is sometimes the only option I have to ensure our students are reading what they like to read. When I glue books back together with book glue, after the pages fall out, it usually takes a few days to dry and most times there will be more than one repair for that book. By the time I can get it to the student after the repair, they have lost interest, or moved on to something else. Often that popular book makes a difference whether a student reads what they check out.
A Cover One machine would help reduce repair time and allow our library books, whose spines need repair, to be fixed quickly. This will get books back in the hands of our students faster and keep them reading.”

Wish Amount: $1,877.98

Date: December, 2023

School: New Plymouth Elementary

Wish Delivered: Classroom Organization Supplies

Teacher Felicity Steer says “I am asking for some help organizing my classroom for my students. I have a class full of active and vibrant third graders. Since I value collaboration, I have chosen to move away from desks and now have tables in my classroom. I have seen great success with student engagement, but we are lacking in organization. The room often feels messy as we simply do not have places to put their materials now that there are no desks... When your environment looks and feels chaotic, it is hard to focus and work hard. With the absence of desks in my classroom and introduction of tables, there simply isn't a place for students to put their supplies. With the purchase of my Wishlist items I will be able to give my students a peaceful classroom environment."

Wish Amount: $579.25

Date: December, 2023

School: Park Intermediate School

Wish Delivered: Math and Art Supplies

Teacher Mari Cluff says "My special education students range from 9-11 years in physical ages, but anywhere from pk-3rd grade in their cognitive abilities. I teach reading, writing, and math in the resource room, teach self-help/life skills and social emotional learning in the extended resource room, that all happens to be in the same physical location. Since I have such various learners, the need for curriculum supports, games, and such have a very large span. I also have a couple of students with physical limitations. This can make getting them down the very large hill our school is housed on, and to community/school events when bussing is not available, very tricky... They are small in stature and having a wagon that I can push/pull them in, will allow them to participate in all our walking field trips with their classes."

Wish Amount: $1,971.00

Date: December, 2023

School: Lewis and Clark Elementar

Wish Delivered: Class Sets of Books

This Wishlist will buy Class sets of books for William Mettingers class. He says “We are participating in the Idaho Kids Vote book club. This will allow every kid to have their own copy as we read, and they can also keep this book after reading it.”

Wish Amount: $425.10

Date: October, 2023

School: American Heritage Charter School

Wish Delivered: Math and Art Supplies

This Wishlist will provide art and math supplies such as money sets, construction paper, oil pastels, and boogie boards for two first grade classrooms.

Ms. Warner says, "They will enhance in class art instruction and math instruction.”

Wish Amount: $1,600.00

Date: October, 2023

School: Jerome High School

Wish Delivered: Science Classroom Supplies

This Wishlist will purchase science diagrams and lab supplies for teacher Cole Massies' classroom.

Mr. Cole says " I am a first year teacher. These items would help jumpstart my new classroom and provide the best experience for my students.”

Wish Amount: $1,204.00

Date: October, 2023

School: Lewis and Clark Elementary

Wish Delivered: Sensory Tools

Teacher Emily Smith says “School District #25 is dedicated to fostering the growth and development of children in our community through innovative and inclusive educational programs. We have observed a need for a new Development Kindergarten classroom. Our developmental classroom will serve kindergarten aged children with diverse needs and abilities, aiming to create a nurturing environment where they can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. The proposed classroom wishlist aims to enhance the learning experiences of our students by introducing sensory tools and purposeful play materials into our developmental classroom. These resources are crucial for addressing the unique needs of our students and promoting their holistic development within this brand-new class.

Wish Amount: $1712.16

Date: October, 2023

School: Paul Elementary

Wish Delivered: Sensory Needs and Regulation Tools

This Wishlist will help buy supplies for the Exceptional Children’s Program. Teacher Stormie Lee says “These items will not only help support the students directly in the Exceptional Child Program, but many of these items can be used schoolwide for sensory needs and regulation tools. Many of the items will be used for and help our students with behavioral needs. These students require intensive intervention and support to teach them appropriate skills and social behaviors in the community. We look forward to teaching these students and helping them succeed by utilizing the resources we have and hope to be able to use!"

Wish Amount: $1,865.97