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The sweet smell of winning just got an additional treat from one of the world’s most popular and oldest lollipops – Dum Dums! It’s the first Scratch game in the country to ever feature the favorite lollipop and the strawberry scented game features a sweet top prize of $10,000!

Dum Dums candy is quickly approaching its 100th anniversary in 2024 and to help commemorate this historic event, the Idaho Lottery teamed up with Spangler Candy in Bryan, Ohio to create the first ever Scratch game to celebrate the sweet treat. The manufacturer produces 12 million of these delicious lollipops every day and 2.4 billion Dum Dums each year! And while the $2 Scratch game doesn’t have that many tickets, it is loaded with tantalizing prizes up to the game’s top prize of $10,000.

In the game, if any of the WINNING NUMBERS under the question marks match YOUR NUMBERS hidden under the wrappers of any of the dozen Dum Dums lollipops match, you win the prize shown. If you reveal a Cotton Candy symbol, you win double the prize. As an added bonus, players have the chance to win $10 instantly by revealing a strawberry symbol under the Mystery Pop!

Try the sweetest $2 Scratch Game, Dum Dums, when you visit your favorite store, and you’ll soon discover that strawberry is the sweet smell of winning!